Perforated Vinyl is a terrific option for your storefront windows or any other window application! The Perforated Vinyl is an alternative to Adhesive Vinyl because it provides a one-way visibility.

Window Visibility

Perforated Vinyl has a mesh-like pattern that is 80 percent solid vinyl, and 20 percent tiny holes. This allows for see-through visibility looking out of the window. From the front, the image displays solid and blocks viewing inside.

Weather Resistant

Invisa-view Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl will keep its printed colors true, no matter the weather conditions. This is because Invisa-View is UV protected and water resistant, to keep your graphic from fading or becoming damaged. Invisa-view is guaranteed for up to 6 months and can last years.

Easy To Install

Installation of Invisa-view is very simple. Spray the window thoroughly with water, carefully position the invisa-view to be properly aligned and then use a squeegee to push out all of the water and air bubbles.

Hot Product

Invisa-View Perforated Window Vinyl is one of the most popular products for retail storefronts. More and more stores are going to Perforated Vinyl because of its one-way visibility and its ability to keep an enhanced image resolution