Adhesive Vinyl is applied to smooth surfaces such as glass windows, mirrors and walls. This premium white vinyl wrap material is 100% weather proof to preserve colors, by being UV protected and water resistant.

Hides Visibility

Adhesive Vinyl is a solid media that blocks visibility inside, that would normally be granted through a window or other see-through surfaces. This is a great option to cover up construction, office windows or any other room that would demand privacy.

Weather Resistant

Our Adhesive Vinyl will keep its printed colors true, no matter the weather conditions. This is because Adhesive Vinyl is UV protected and water resistant. Be reassured that your graphics will stay vibrant and maintain that new look.

Eye Catching

Window applications such as Adhesive Vinyl provide a great way to get your customers’ attention. Adhesive Vinyl utilizes your window space with striking imagery, whether that is a storefront window, mirror or any other glass application.

Easy To Install

Installation of Invisa-view is very simple. Spray the window thoroughly with water, carefully position the invisa-view to be properly aligned and then use a squeegee to push out all of the water and air bubbles.